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DNP-825A-01 Foundations of Population Management

  • What is population management?
  • Why is population management important?
  • The role of the DNP-prepared nurse in population management
  • Models of population management
  • Ethical considerations in population management

DNP-825A-02 Population Assessment

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Identifying population needs and risk factors
  • Developing population profiles
  • Social determinants of health
  • Health disparities

Unit 3: Population Intervention Planning (DNP-825A-03)

  • Setting population goals and objectives
  • Developing and implementing evidence-based interventions
  • Cultural competence in population management
  • Program planning and implementation

Unit 4: Population Outcomes Management (DNP-825A-04)

  • Measuring population outcomes
  • Identifying and addressing disparities in outcomes
  • Quality improvement in population management
  • Sustainable population health programs

Unit 5: Population Health Policy and Advocacy (DNP-825A-05)

  • The role of policy in population health
  • Advocacy for population health initiatives
  • Building partnerships to improve population health
  • Health policy analysis and development

Unit 6: Population Health Economics (DNP-825A-06)

  • The cost of poor population health
  • The value of population health interventions
  • Financing population health initiatives
  • Economic evaluation of population health programs

Unit 7: Population Health Informatics (DNP-825A-07)

  • The use of data and technology to improve population health
  • Electronic health records
  • Public health surveillance systems
  • Big data and analytics in population health

Unit 8: Population Health Leadership (DNP-825A-08)

  • The role of the DNP-prepared nurse as a population health leader
  • Developing and implementing population health programs
  • Influencing policy and practice
  • Leadership development for population health