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DNP-836Facilitation of Learning in Nursing Education
DNP-838Nursing Program Development and Educational Leadership
DNP-840Leadership for Advanced Nursing Practice
NRS-410VPathophysiology and Nursing Management of Clients’ Health
NRS-433VIntroduction to Nursing Research
NRS-451VNNursing Leadership and Management
NUR-502Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles And Practice
NUR-504Health Care Research Analysis and Utilization
NUR-508Ethics, Policy, and Finance in the Health Care System
NUR-513Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing
NUR-514Organizational Leadership and Informatics
NUR-550Translational Research and Population Health Management
NUR-590Evidence-Based Practice Project
NUR-631Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
NUR-634Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning With Skills Lab
NUR-635Advanced Pharmacology
NUR-637ACNP-AG Didactic II
NUR-637CACNP-AG Practicum II
NUR-638ACNP-AG Didactic III
NUR-638CACNP-AG Practicum III
NUR-641EAdvanced Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nurse Educators
NUR-643EAdvanced Health Assessment for Nurse Educators
NUR-645EAdvanced Health Assessment for Nurse Educators
NUR-646ENursing Education Seminar I
NUR-647ENursing Education Seminar I
NUR-648ENursing Education Seminar II
NUR-649ENursing Education Seminar II
NUR-665ENursing Education Practicum
NUR-667Advanced Practice Management of Women’s Health Care Issues in Primary Care
NUR-667CAdvanced Practice Management of Women’s Health Care Issues in Primary Care
NUR-669Advanced Practice Management of Geriatric Issues in Primary Care
NUR-669CAdvance Practice Management of Geriatric Issues in Primary Care Clinical
NUR-670Leadership Health Care Organizations Practicum
NUR-682CAdvanced Practice Clinical Practicum
NUR-690Nursing Informatics Practicum
NUR-699Evidence-Based Practice Project
PHN-600Foundations of Public Health Nursing
PHN-690Public Health Nursing Practicum
NRS-410VPathophysiology and Nursing Management of Clients’ Health
NUR-631Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
NUR-641EAdvanced Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nurse Educators
PCN-370Psychopath & Adv.Treatment-Spec Pop w/Addiction&Substance Use Disorders
PCN-445Psychopathology, Co-Occurring Disorders, and Dual Diagnoses in Counseling
PCN-605Psychopathology and Counseling
PCN-671Psychopathology and Treatment of Children and Adolescence
PCN-807Psychopathology, Behavioral Assessment, and Interventions
PSY-622Psychopathology of Crime
HCA-240Health Care Accounting and Billing
HCA-255Health Policy and Economic Analysis Care
HCA-360Health Information Technology and Management
HCA-450Quality in Health Care
HCA-455Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Health Care
HCA-460Operations and Risk Management in Health Care
HCA-465Health Care Administration and Management
HCA-470Strategic Planning and Implementation in Health Care
HCA-515Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Delivery Models
HCA-530Health Care Policies and Economics
HCA-545Organizational Structure, Dynamics, and Effectiveness
HCA-610Essential Health Care Business Analysis
HCA-615Human Resource Management and Marketing Communication Strategies
HCA-620Business/Project Plan Evaluation and Development
HCA-675Health Care Innovation
HCA-699Evidence-Based Research Project
HCA-807Structures and Governance in Health Care
HCA-812Health Care Regulation
HCA-817Professional Development and Leadership in Health Care
HCA-822Building a Culture of Community in Health Care
HCA-827Sustainability of Health Care Organizations
HCI-600Foundations of Informatics
HCI-655Electronic Health Records
HCI-660Health Data Analytics
HCI-665Health Information Systems Security
HCI-670User Interface Design for Informatics
HEB-501Elementary Hebrew I
HIM-515Foundations and Concepts of Health Care Informatics
HIM-615Health Care Information Systems and Technology
HIM-650Health Care Data Management

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