NURS 605 -Advanced Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

NURS 602 – Data Management, Quality Improvement and Evaluation for Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS 640-DNP Clinical Practicum: Professional Role Development

NURS 615 – Epidemiology and Clinical Prevention

NURS 630 – Healthcare Policy, Ethics and Advocacy for Nurses

NURS 695 – Seminar in Integrative Clinical Scholarship

NURS 697A – Integrative Clinical Scholarship I: Evidence-based Practice

NURS 610 – Leadership, Management and Economics in Advanced Nursing Practice

NURS 620 – Informatics in Healthcare

NURS 650 – Nursing Curriculum Development

NURS 697B – Integrative Clinical Scholarship II: Evidence-based Practice

NURS 652 – Instructional Design in Nursing Education for DNP Students

NURS 697C – Integrative Clinical Scholarship III: Evidence-based Practice