Planning a Nursing Informatics Project – Part 1

In this project series, you’ll apply project management tools to propose and plan a small nursing informatics project. While not implemented, this exercise helps develop skills needed for potential real-world applications. Define a project beneficial to your healthcare organization or nursing practice. Discuss with leadership and plan how to implement and evaluate it within a 9-week timeframe. This project unfolds in two parts.

Preparation: Collaborate with your manager to finalize a small informatics project. Work towards potential implementation and evaluation. Weekly, develop and apply components necessary for project completion.

By Day 7 of Week 5: Continue working on the Scope, Charter, and SWOT Analysis. Additional tools like Gap, WBS, and Project Timeline will be integrated in the following weeks, totaling eight to nine pages. Submission is due in Week 5.

Week 2 Focus: SWOT Analysis Conduct a SWOT analysis for insights into the project’s Scope and Charter. Utilize a Word document with a table, following directions from the “How to Perform a SWOT Analysis” video. This step is crucial in defining what your project will and will not encompass, forming the foundation for a comprehensive project scope and charter.

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