NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing Template

Begin the introduction with a brief paragraph, incorporating a minimum of three sentences while ensuring proper citations. Conclude the introduction by articulating the purpose of the paper: to elucidate the significance of applying nursing theory to patient care, expound on the meaning of nursing theory in the context of current practice and its application in pre-planning and care provision, and identify a theory aligning with personal views on nursing (NUR 513: Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing Template).

Purpose of Applying Nursing Theory

This section delves into the existing literature on applying nursing theory to patient care, providing comprehensive insights supported by proper citations. Each paragraph should contain a minimum of three sentences, ensuring a thorough exploration of the topic.

Subsection Heading (if applicable)

Insert a subsection heading only if there are multiple purposes under the main heading, offering a structured breakdown of the topic. Follow APA guidelines for formatting, capitalization, and indentation.

The Meaning of Nursing Theory

Articulate the meaning of nursing theory in relation to current practice, employing three or more sentences and citing relevant sources to underpin the discussion.

Nursing Theory Applied Prior to Planning and the Provision of Care

In this section, elucidate how nursing theory can be practically applied before planning and providing care. Maintain a minimum of three sentences per paragraph and cite appropriately to reinforce the narrative.

Name of Your Nursing Theory of Choice Here

Highlight the chosen nursing theory, adhering to proper capitalization rules. Illustrate how and why it aligns with personal views on the essence of nursing. Ensure a coherent and supported argument without exceeding the specified word count.


Conclude the paper with a concise summary, encapsulating the key points from each section. Avoid introducing new information in this section.


List all references in APA format, following the guidelines provided by the American Psychological Association (APA, 2020).

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