NUR-502: Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles And Practice

Course Description:

This course delves into nursing as both a profession and a discipline, exploring the role of individual nurses within the profession. Theoretical foundations for nursing practice and roles are examined and applied, with a focus on developing scholarly writing and presentation skills. Critical thinking is honed as students discuss and synthesize literature guiding nursing practice, emphasizing caring, diversity, and spirituality.

NUR-502: Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice

Week 1 Assignment: Master’s-Prepared Nurse Interview

In this 750-1,000 word assignment, conduct an interview with a master’s-prepared nurse, preferably in a position aligning with your chosen specialty track. Cover aspects such as the nurse’s career overview, motivations for pursuing graduate education, present position and role, the utility of graduate education in the current role, and any valuable insights the nurse is willing to share. Maintain confidentiality by not disclosing the individual’s name. Conclude by identifying competencies consistent with GCU program competencies and/or AACN education essentials, along with personal reflections.

Week 1 Discussion Question 1:

Analyze the comparisons between the GCU Mission and Domains/CON Mission and Program Competencies, with the AACN’s Essentials for Master’s Education for Advanced Practice Nursing. Provide a rationale for your analysis.

Week 1 Discussion Question 2:

State one recommendation from the IOM Future of Nursing Report and elucidate its significance in relation to Advanced Practice Nursing. Support your response.

Week 7 CLC: Grand Nursing Theorist Assignment – Grand Theorist Report

In groups, write a report on a chosen nursing theorist/theory, covering aspects like the theorist’s identification, rationale for selection, short biography, major influences, category classification, underlying assumptions, major concepts, propositions, and examples of its application in literature. Detail how the theory will be integrated into practice, providing an action plan and concrete examples.

NUR 502 Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice (Essay)

Write a 1,000-1,250 word essay on a specific cultural group, referencing a nursing journal article. Begin with your rationale for selecting the cultural group, summarize the article’s key points, and apply this new information to a practice situation demonstrating cultural sensitivity in communication. Conclude the essay based on the insights gained.

Ensure compliance with APA guidelines and submit the assignment to Turnitin as directed.

Note: The mentioned rubric for the essay should be reviewed before starting to understand the expectations for successful completion.

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