NSG5000 role paper

Compose the initial section of your ROLE paper for your chosen MSN program by adhering to the following guidelines:

In this assignment, your objective is to investigate an advanced nursing practice role and succinctly present your findings in a 3- to 5-page paper (excluding the title page and references). Follow the criteria below:

  1. Concentrate on the specialty for which you were admitted to South University and pick an advanced nursing role for your research. Ensure that the chosen role is one offered by South University.
  2. Differentiate the selected role as clinical or non-clinical and elucidate how it contributes to patient outcomes, such as safety, access to health care, or health information, pertaining to the Advanced Nursing Practice (ANP) level.
  3. Apply an Advanced Nursing Practice Concept to your chosen role as part of the NSG5000 role paper.
  4. Formulate a set of at least ten questions that you intend to pose to the advanced practice clinician or non-clinician selected for your interview in the NSG5000 role paper. Provide details about the individual, including their name, credentials, position, and the scheduled date for the interview (due in Week 3).
  5. Substantiate your findings with a minimum of two research articles. Discuss the study, design, sample, and results of the research articles. Additionally, you may include other peer-reviewed articles that are non-research in nature and consult nursing organization websites. Ensure that all articles are current, not exceeding five years in publication, unless they are considered hallmark references (e.g., American Association of College of Nursing, 2010).
  6. Arrange your paper, citations, and references in accordance with the correct APA Style guidelines as outlined in the NSG5000 role paper instructions.

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