Effective Communication Between Caregivers in The Pacu Picot Question

Statement of the Problem

 Does the person-to-person post-surgical transfer of care by the anesthesia provider reduce the communication gap that causes a delay in the implementation of postoperative intervention compared to phone-to-phone transfer of care?  THE PROJECT IS USING (INTRODUCING) A standardized tool to achieve effective communication between caregivers in the pacu during handoff from crna or anesthesiologists team to pacu nursing team.  Team = pacu nurses, crnas, anesthesiologists and stakeholders. Please assist with the following subheadings.


1. All projects need to be based upon a theoretical framework.   Select one nursing theory and one EBP practice framework (The EBP practice framework will be discussed at the end of Chapter 2 and is the outline for Chapter 3) This section is usually one to two pages in length.  A diagram or schematic of the framework is required and should be included as a figure after references and tables.

2.The nature of the project section (about one page) is a brief overview of potential barriers that may exist with the project plan and implementation.

3. Proposed DNP Essentials

In this section discuss each of the DNP Essentials you anticipate will be met as a result of the implementation of this project. You must provide a response of 2 to 3 main points per Essential.


The conclusion should briefly discuss the key points covered and prepare the reader for the next chapter.



.Open this section by reminding the reader of the purpose of the study.  The rationale for your project design and methods should logically evolve from the problem under investigation, the theoretical framework of your study, and the purpose of the project.  This section should elaborate on the information you provided like the Project section by providing sufficient details to solve the problem and answer the research question(s).  This section should also clearly delineate and explicate the type of methods used (e.g. project design type, sampling strategy, data collection and analysis methods, etc.).  The design provides a clear and well justified sequence of events.  Any factors that may impact the validity of your findings should be fully explained and documented.  Chapter 3 is usually 5 PAGES -8 .

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