DNP820 Health Policy and Advocacy Essay

Module 1 Assignment: Unveiling Nursing Culture and Leadership Dynamics

Embark on a 1500-word APA essay delving into the intricacies of the current nursing culture. Examine whether the benchmark for nursing leadership is predominantly set at the individual patient-nurse relationship or extends to the broader community-nurse relationship. Provide concrete examples for each scenario, supported by a minimum of three references substantiating your observations.

Furthermore, scrutinize the DNP Essentials and the 2011 Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing Report. Identify and expound on how these pivotal documents define nursing leadership concerning health policy and its intersection with the community. Bolster your insights with at least three references to fortify your exploration.

Module 4 Discussion: Shaping Legislative Agendas and Priorities

DQ1: Unveiling Organizational Agendas

In this dynamic discourse, meticulously select four nursing organizations for an in-depth comparative analysis of their legislative agendas. Uncover the synergies and divergences between these agendas, unraveling the intricate connections between organizational missions and legislative priorities.

DQ2: Advocacy in Focus

Shift your focus to evaluating the legislative priorities of the chosen four nursing groups. Explore the balance between agendas that center on advancing the nursing profession and those emphasizing the broader health concerns of the community. Elevate your discussion with the inclusion of two peer-reviewed articles that critically assess the advocacy efforts of nursing professionals versus the advocacy for patient and community health. Analyze how championing the nursing profession aligns with promoting robust health outcomes.

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