DNP Scholarly Project and PhD Dissertation Exploration

Starting the journey of doctoral studies involves a crucial decision between completing a DNP Scholarly Project or a PhD Dissertation. Understanding the requirements and processes for these projects is essential for success in your doctoral program at Walden University.

To prepare:

DNP students:

  1. Review the DNP section on the University website (
  2. Carefully examine the DNP Scholarly Project process requirements.
  3. Contemplate the steps and timeline essential for completing the DNP Scholarly Project.

To complete:

Write a 1-page paper that outlines the steps, timeline, and necessary documents for your DNP Scholarly Project. Include the primary guide document that delineates the processes and procedures for the respective doctoral project.

Summarize the purpose of the DNP Scholarly Project, emphasizing its significance in your doctoral journey.

Briefly describe a project of interest, focusing on the theme of “Intraprofessional Nursing Collaboration and Communication: Bedside Rounding.” Discuss how you envision completing this project and the potential impact it may have.

This assignment is designed to familiarize you with the critical aspects of your chosen doctoral project, laying the foundation for a successful and informed progression through your doctoral program.

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