Reflecting on the DNP projects presented by Dr. Beechinor and Dr. Stefan in this week’s media presentation, as well as the DNP Scholarly Project specifications outlined in the AACN Essentials, prompts a thoughtful consideration of my professional experiences in light of new information acquired during this course. While engaging in this reflective process, I aim to identify a need or change within a practice environment, bearing in mind that this exercise is designed to heighten awareness of potential DNP projects without committing to a specific idea at this stage.

As a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), I am poised to explore areas within my practice environment that may benefit from research or improvement initiatives. In the 2-page paper that follows, I will articulate a pertinent need or change in the practice environment, providing a rationale for why this particular situation warrants attention. Furthermore, I will outline my plans for active participation in the AANP, emphasizing how this engagement aligns with my professional goals.

Understanding the significance of professional organizations in shaping the trajectory of nursing practice, I will also consider how my involvement in the AANP may correlate with or support the future development of my DNP Scholarly Project. This strategic alignment aims to maximize the impact of both my professional engagement and scholarly pursuits, creating a symbiotic relationship between my professional organization and the advancement of evidence-based practice in my chosen field.

To enhance transparency and validate my affiliation with the AANP, I will include documentation of my membership as an Appendix to this Major Assessment. This documentation may take the form of an e-mail verification or a copy of my membership receipt, presented in accordance with proper APA style for including appendices. This comprehensive approach ensures a thorough exploration of potential DNP projects while also fostering a meaningful connection between my professional involvement and scholarly aspirations.


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