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DNP Project Ideas

A DNP project is like a big school project, but for nursing. Its main goal is to take what we know from research and use it in real-life situations. The project checks how well a chosen plan works in actual healthcare. The cool thing about DNP projects is that they have to be directly related to working with patients.

There are so many ideas for DNP projects because they can be about different problems that healthcare workers face. For instance, you could pick something like making sure more people get their flu shots and then see if it works. Or, if you’re into primary care, you might want to check if a special teaching method helps people manage diabetes better.

In this guide, we’ll show you some examples of DNP project proposals. First, we’ll talk about what you need to include in your proposal. After that, we’ll show you an example of a DNP project in action. Plus, we’ve thrown in a sample timeline to help you plan things out. Easy, right? Let’s get started!

DNP Project Proposal/Final Paper Format

When it comes to your DNP Project Proposal and Final Paper, think of the format as your guide—a bit like a map that helps you and others understand your research journey. This structure isn’t just a bunch of rules; it’s a way to make sure your ideas make sense and your hard work shines through.

Think of the DNP Project Proposal and Final Paper Format like building blocks. Each part has a job, like stating the problem you’re tackling, asking questions, and showing off what you found. It’s not about making things complicated; it’s about making sure everyone can see why your research is important and how it adds to nursing. So, let’s take a closer look at this format—it’s your tool to tell your research story in a way that everyone can follow along and see the impact you’re making in nursing.

Title page Abstract Introduction

Background of problem

Purpose of project

Significance of project

Problem statement

Theoretical framework 

Project objectives

Definition of terms

Review of Literature

                Presentation of related literature to project (this may include multiple concepts) Summarize findings

Project Design/Implementation

Goal of project with expected outcome; include benefits to agency and population (what) Setting (where)

Population (who)

Timeline (when)

Procedures (how)-describe how the project will be implemented

Fiscal consideration (cost)

Ethical considerations

Data Analysis Plan

 Project Outcomes/End products/Deliverables

Descriptive/inferential statistics Project objectives- were they met?

Discussion of final outcomes/end products/deliverables of project

                  Limitations of project

Recommendation for further research/practice

                   Implications for practice

                   Plans for dissemination of results

Appendices References

 Students are expected to submit a proposal that includes a title page, abstract, introduction, review of literature, project design, appendices (if applicable) and reference sections.

Following the completion of their DNP projects, students will add the section on project outcomes.  They are also expected to update their literature review, appendices and references.   Student proposals are expected to be in APA formatting.  

20 DNP Project Proposal Examples

Quality Improvement DNP Project Ideas

  1. Implement and compare the effectiveness of two pain management protocols for post-operative patients.
  2. Develop and pilot test a nurse-led intervention to improve medication adherence in patients with chronic diseases.
  3. Evaluate the impact of electronic health records on patient satisfaction and communication in the critical care setting.
  4. Analyze the cost-effectiveness of a telehealth program for managing chronic conditions in rural communities.
  5. Design and implement a program to reduce hospital-acquired infections in a specific patient population.

Education and Innovation DNP Project Ideas

  1. Develop and evaluate an online educational module for nurses on cultural competency in healthcare.
  2. Implement and assess the effectiveness of simulation-based training for advanced practice nurses in emergency situations.
  3. Investigate the feasibility and benefits of using wearable technology to monitor patients remotely after surgery.
  4. Create and test a patient education program on managing side effects of a common medication.
  5. Develop and analyze the utilization of a clinical decision support system for improving diagnostic accuracy in primary care.

Mental Health and Wellbeing DNP Project Ideas

  1. Evaluate the impact of mindfulness meditation on stress and burnout in healthcare professionals.
  2. Design and implement a group therapy program for managing anxiety and depression in adolescents.
  3. Explore the effectiveness of music therapy in improving cognitive function and quality of life in patients with dementia.
  4. Develop and pilot test a social support intervention for individuals recovering from substance abuse disorder.
  5. Analyze the factors associated with mental health stigma in a specific cultural population.

Public Health and Global Health DNP Project Ideas

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of a public health campaign on increasing vaccination rates for children.
  2. Investigate the barriers to accessing maternal healthcare services in a low-resource setting.
  3. Develop and implement a culturally sensitive intervention to promote healthy lifestyle choices in a specific community.
  4. Analyze the cost-effectiveness of different strategies for preventing the spread of infectious diseases in a rural area.
  5. Evaluate the impact of a community health education program on improving chronic disease management in underprivileged populations.

Remember, these are just starting points. The possibilities for DNP projects are endless! Choose a topic that aligns with your interests, expertise, and resources, and make sure it addresses a genuine need within the healthcare system.

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Are all DNP project proposal examples appropriate for my project?

Use examples as a guide, not a template. Each research project is unique, and your proposal should be tailored to your specific topic, methodology, and program requirements.

What should I look for in good DNP project proposal examples?

Clarity and conciseness: The proposal should be well-written and easy to understand, even for someone unfamiliar with the research topic.
Strong research question: The proposal should clearly identify the research question or hypothesis you are investigating.
Feasibility and ethical considerations: The proposal should demonstrate that your project is feasible within your resources and timeframe, and address any ethical concerns.
Sound methodology: The proposal should clearly explain your research methods, including data collection and analysis procedures.
Significance and impact: The proposal should explain why your research is important and how it will contribute to the field of nursing or healthcare.

Can I copy parts of a DNP project proposal example into my own proposal?

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Use examples for inspiration and guidance, but always write your proposal in your own words and cite any sources you use.

What else should I keep in mind when reviewing DNP project proposal examples?

Check the publication date: Ensure the example is recent and reflects current research practices and ethical guidelines.
Consider the research type: Choose examples that match your own research design (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, etc.).
Adapt to your program requirements: Every DNP program has specific formatting and content expectations for proposals. Ensure your proposal aligns with your program’s guidelines.

Don’t forget: Using examples can be a valuable resource, but always prioritize creativity, originality, and ensuring your proposal reflects your unique research project and objectives.