Connecting Nursing Theory and Evidence-based Change Models

This paper offers a concise overview of the Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) project, providing readers with a glimpse into the project’s core components and the subsequent discussion on nursing theory and evidence-based change models. It serves as a roadmap, guiding the reader through the key elements of the DPI project and the integration of nursing theory and change models.

Theoretical Foundations: In this section, the chosen nursing theory is introduced, emphasizing its steps/factors and their application in the project. The section delves into the alignment of the clinical question with the nursing theory and synthesizes the theory’s application in three additional evidence-based articles or projects. The goal is to establish a robust foundation for understanding the theoretical underpinnings of the DPI project.

DNP 815A Connecting Nursing Theory and Evidence-based Template

Evidence-based Change Model: This section introduces the chosen change model, highlighting its steps/factors and their integration into the project. It explores the alignment of the clinical question with the change model and synthesizes the model’s application in three other evidence-based articles or projects. The aim is to elucidate the role of the change model in shaping the DPI project.

Linking Nursing Theory, Change Model, to the DPI Project: The initial sentences outline the problem and rationale for addressing it, while the subsequent statements address the identified gap at the project site. The clinical question is presented in alignment with the project’s focus. This section provides clarity on the purpose of the quantitative quasi-experimental project and its aim to determine the impact of a specific intervention on a defined population in a particular setting over four weeks.

Conclusion: This concluding section establishes a strong link between the chosen nursing theory and evidence-based change model and the purpose of the DPI project. It offers supporting evidence for the symbiotic relationship between the nursing theory and change model, demonstrating how both contribute to the project’s overarching goal. The conclusion provides no fewer than three examples that underscore the interconnectedness of the theory, change model, and project purpose, solidifying the theoretical and model-based foundations of the DPI project.

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