DNP-815A Reflective Analysis Case Report Component Paper

This assignment tasks learners with constructing a reflective analysis that incorporates a personal nursing philosophy. While the Reflective Analysis Case Report Component Paper allows for the use of first-person language to express personal perspectives, it must otherwise adhere to the specified guidelines.

General Guidelines:

  1. APA Style: Doctoral learners are expected to adhere to the current APA style for essay writing assignments. The APA Style Guide in the Student Success Center serves as a reference.
  2. Rubric Review: A rubric, outlining the expectations for successful completion, is utilized for this assignment. It is recommended to review the rubric before initiating the writing process.
  3. Peer-Reviewed References: A minimum of three peer-reviewed references, published within the last 5 years, is a requirement for this assignment.
  4. LopesWrite Submission: The completed assignment must be submitted to LopesWrite. For technical support, a link to LopesWrite technical support articles is provided in Class Resources.


Compose a reflective analysis, spanning 1,000-1,250 words, that integrates your personal philosophy of nursing. The analysis should encompass the following core elements:

  1. Central Belief about the Individual Person: Articulate your central belief regarding the individual person within the context of nursing philosophy.
  2. Influence of Personal Worldview: Examine how your personal worldview shapes your approach to patients and impacts your nursing practice.
  3. Constituents of the Environment: Define what constitutes the environment in your nursing philosophy and explore the interaction between the individual and the environment.
  4. View of Health and Illness: Express your view of health and elucidate the relationship between health and illness in your nursing perspective.
  5. Nursing Leaders’ Role in Human Flourishing: Reflect on how nursing leaders can serve others in ways that promote human flourishing, according to your nursing philosophy.
  6. Central Purpose of Nursing: Define the central reason for the existence of nursing in your perspective.

Portfolio Practice Immersion Hours:

If applicable, learners can potentially earn portfolio practice immersion hours for this assignment. After the References section, include the following:

Practice Immersion Hours Completion Statement DNP-815A Reflective Analysis Case Report Component Paper

I, (INSERT NAME), verify that I have completed and logged (NUMBER OF) clock hours in association with the goals and objectives for this assignment. I also have tracked said practice immersion hours in the Lopes Activity Tracker for verification purposes and will be sure that all approvals are in place from my faculty and practice immersion preceptor/mentor before the end of the course.

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