DNP-815A Preconference Evaluation: Individual Success Plan (ISP)

The Individual Success Plan (ISP) assignment is an integral part of this course, requiring collaboration between learners and course faculty. The purpose is to establish a clear plan for successful completion of programmatic requirements, encompassing practice immersion hours, program competencies, and the Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project.

Preconference Meeting Overview: A preconference meeting serves as a platform for learners and preceptor/mentors to align on learning objectives, roles, responsibilities, and expectations. This session focuses on reviewing course-specific objectives and clarifying the goals of the practice immersion experience. Faculty approval of proposed projects is a key component of this meeting.

General Requirements: To successfully complete this assignment, consider the following steps:

  1. Document Review:
    • Download the Individual Success Plan (ISP) and Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) timeline documents from the DNP PI Workspace.
    • Refer to the DNP Program Milestones document in the DNP PI Workspace to identify applicable domains, competencies, and milestones for this course.
  2. Practice Immersion Experiences:
    • Determine the practice immersion experiences required to address each competency, outlining the hours dedicated to achieving your goals.
  3. ISP Development:
    • Utilize the ISP to create a comprehensive plan, highlighting major milestones and deliverables in the timeline.
    • Identify specific deliverables within the ISP, such as DNP practice immersion contracts, practice immersion hours log, evaluations, CV updates, scholarly activities, and DPI Project milestones.
  4. Conferences:
    • Mandatory preconference and postconference/evaluation sessions between learners and preceptors/mentors are required. These can be conducted face-to-face or virtually.
    • Upload a signed copy of the document to the digital classroom by the end of Topic 1.
  5. Objectives and APA Style:
    • Discuss course- and learner-specific objectives during conferences.
    • Adhere to APA style for writing assignments, referring to the APA Style Guide in the Student Success Center.


  1. Deliverables Discussion:
    • Collaborate with faculty to identify and update specific deliverables for this course within the ISP.
  2. Challenges Anticipation:
    • List expected challenges in meeting practice immersion and competency requirements. Propose strategies to overcome these challenges.
  3. ISP Completion:
    • Complete the Contact Information table at the beginning of the ISP.
    • Read through the ISP document, including Learner Expectations, Derivation of the ISP, and Instructions for Completing the ISP.
    • Follow the provided instructions to fill out and complete the ISP.

Through active engagement in the preconference meeting and careful consideration of ISP elements, learners can chart a clear path towards successful completion of program requirements and a meaningful practice immersion experience.

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Preconference Evaluation: Individual Success Plan (ISP) – Rubric

Rubric CriteriaTotal PointsCriterion1. Unsatisfactory2. Less Than Satisfactory3. Satisfactory4. Good5. Excellent
Deliverables20 pointsDescription of specific deliverables to be completed in the course is not included.0 points2.4 points2.64 points2.76 points3 points
Plan for Practice ExperiencesPlan for practice experiences to be completed in the course is not included.0 points1.6 points1.76 points1.84 points2 points
DPI Project MilestonesDescription of DPI Project milestones to be achieved in the course is not included.0 points1.6 points1.76 points1.84 points2 points
ChallengesDescription of challenges and how to overcome them is not included.0 points1.6 points1.76 points1.84 points2 points
Mentor SignatureNo wet or digital signature is present.0 points1.6 pointsN/A1.76 pointsN/A
Self-Assessed Domains and CompetenciesDescription of self-assessed domains and competencies is not included.0 points1.6 points1.76 points1.84 points2 points
Paper Format (use of appropriate style for the major and assignment)Template is not used appropriately, or documentation format is rarely followed correctly.0 points0.8 points0.88 points0.92 points1 points
Practice Immersion HoursNo practice immersion hours are indicated.0 points1.6 points1.76 pointsN/A1.84 points
Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, language use)Surface errors are pervasive enough that they impede communication of meaning.0 points0.8 points0.88 points0.92 points1 points
Remaining DeliverablesDescription of remaining deliverables to complete is not included.0 points2.4 points2.64 points2.76 points3 points

This table outlines the rubric criteria for the DNP-815A Preconference Evaluation: Individual Success Plan (ISP) assignment with corresponding points for each criterion.

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