Learners in the DNP program are required to develop a Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project. Describe your proposed practice site and a potential patient practice problem that you are interested in exploring for your project. Explain why this is a valid topic for your practice site. How do you believe this project will contribute to the body of knowledge in your field?

To ensure that the proposed practice problem is viable, refer to the “DNP Direct Practice Improvement Project Recommendations,” located in the DC Network, and answer these questions:

Why is this a valid issue at my practice site? Why is this a patient practice problem? Will there be enough current research on this topic, or is it still being investigated by researchers?

How to Answer Topic 2 DQ 1

When answering the question about the proposed practice site and potential patient practice problem for your Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project, consider the following structure:

  1. Introduction to Proposed Practice Site:
    • Briefly describe your practice site. Include details such as the type of healthcare facility, its location, and the patient population it serves.
    • Provide context about the unique characteristics of your practice site that make it suitable for addressing the identified patient practice problem.
  2. Identification of Patient Practice Problem:
    • Clearly define the patient practice problem you are interested in exploring for your DPI Project.
    • Explain why this problem is significant within the context of your practice site. Highlight any specific challenges or trends observed at your site related to this problem.
  3. Validity of the Topic for Your Practice Site:
    • Reference the “DNP Direct Practice Improvement Project Recommendations” from the DC Network.
    • Address the question: Why is this a valid issue at my practice site? Discuss any organizational priorities, patient demographics, or existing initiatives that align with the chosen problem.
  4. Rationale for Considering it a Patient Practice Problem:
    • Explain why the identified issue is a patient practice problem. Discuss its impact on patient outcomes, safety, satisfaction, or other relevant factors.
    • Provide evidence or examples that illustrate how patients at your practice site are affected by this problem.
  5. Availability of Current Research:
    • Address whether there is enough current research on this topic. Highlight any existing literature that supports the relevance of the chosen problem.
    • Discuss if the issue is still actively being investigated by researchers, and if so, explain how your project will contribute to this ongoing research.
  6. Contribution to the Body of Knowledge
    • Explain how your DPI Project will contribute to the body of knowledge in your field. Consider how your findings may fill a gap in the existing literature, offer practical insights, or inform best practices.
    • Emphasize the potential impact of your project on improving patient outcomes and the overall quality of care.

Remember to provide clear and concise responses, backed by relevant evidence and informed by the guidelines and recommendations outlined in the “DNP Direct Practice Improvement Project Recommendations.