AACN Competencies and the School Mission, Vision, and Outcomes

In a 2013 Gallup poll, 82% of respondents expressed high levels of trust in nurses’ honesty and ethical standards, ranking nursing as the most trusted profession for several years (Gallup, 2010). Considering the values and characteristics associated with nursing, which ones hold the most professional, academic, and personal significance for you?

In this discussion, let’s explore the alignment between the qualities outlined by the AACN and those emphasized by Walden University in its Mission, Vision, and Outcomes.

  1. AACN Competencies and Walden University Alignment:
    • Examine the AACN document relevant to your degree path.
    • Consider how the AACN Essentials or Quality Indicators can be integrated into your academic pursuits.

Feel free to share your insights and reflections on the values and characteristics that resonate most with you in the context of nursing and how they align with the principles upheld by Walden University.

Walden University Student Readiness Orientation

To begin your journey at Walden University, explore the Student Readiness Orientation (SRO) in the “My Courses” section of Blackboard. This resource will be accessible to you for one year. Additionally, you can find more information in the e-Guide, a helpful website that goes hand in hand with the SRO. The e-Guide will be available throughout your time at Walden and can be accessed through the MyWalden Portal.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the Walden University webpage: http://catalog.waldenu.edu/
  2. Choose the current version of the “Walden University Student Handbook” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Navigate to the left side and click on “Introduction and Legal Information.”
  4. Then, click on “Vision, Mission, and Goals.”

Take your time reading through the information, paying close attention to Walden’s Vision, Mission, Goals, Social Change, and Outcomes message.

Useful Documents:

  1. Becoming a Successful Online Learner (PDF):

Attached is a document containing valuable tips and strategies for success in the DNP program.

  1. Citing a Discussion Posting in APA Style (PDF):

This document provides information on how to cite a Discussion posting or response in APA style.

  1. Technical Tips for Learning at Walden (PDF):

This document offers tips for working with various technologies, including word-processing software, online classroom features, and your myWalden page.

Required Media:

  1. Introduction: The Doctor of Nursing Practice [Video]:

Watch this video for an introduction to the doctor of nursing practice.

  1. Effective Online Communication: Scholarly Writing in Online Discussion [Video]:

This 5-minute video shares valuable tips for writing scholarly Discussion posts.

  1. Tips for Effective Online Composition and Communication [Video]:

In this 7-minute video, you’ll gain insights into the differences between online and in-person communication, the importance of tone in e-communications, and effective email writing skills.

Optional Resource:

  • Six Simple Steps to Ensure You Achieve Your Aims (Article):
    • Access this article through the Walden Library databases. It provides additional insights to support your journey at Walden.

Westwood, C. (2010). Six simple steps to ensure you achieve your aims. Nursing Management, 17(4), 28–29.

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